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Our Partners

Powerful Collaborations

Although independent, we rely upon a team of established and reputable firms to provide our clients with world class service. Check out some of the great companies we’ve partnered with.

Interactive Brokers, LLC

Consistently ranked by Barron's as one of the top brokerage firms in the US, Interactive Brokers is where client funds are kept. We place all of our trades and investments through Interactive Brokers, with each client getting his or her own personal account. To learn more about Interactive Brokers, check out their website.

Hedgeye Risk Management, LLC

Outside expertise is always important. Living in an echo chamber is a great way to lose money. Hedgeye offers top level research to hedge funds, investment advisory firms, and individual investors with its team of 40+ analysts. While Providence Capital Management uses its own investing models, Hedgeye provides a valuable second opinion through its subscription service. To learn more about Hedgeye click here

RL2 Advisors, LLC

RL2 Advisors is a Mississippi registered investment advisor (RIA) owned by Ethan Kelly. It is required for anyone offering professional investment advice to be registered with an RIA. Ethan Kelly is registered with RL2 Advisors. To learn more about RL2 as an RIA visit the SEC website here.

Firm Partners: Portfolio
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